Shows For Afrikaans Schools​

Boek Buddies

Boek Buddies is an Afrikaans performance for primary school learners. Boek Buddies encourages learners to read more by making use of drama and by taking learners on an adventurous journey through the wonderful world of books and literature.

Shows For English Schools​

Afrikaans show

Redhead Productions believes in educating through entertainment. Our performances make use of relevant day-to-day situations so that learners can identify with the characters. We keep our themes and language current and interesting. We incorporate the most recent technology to ensure our shows are visually stimulating and that our shows consist of exceptional educational value.


We make use of a screen on which we project Afrikaans words with English translations in order to help learners follow the shows and to encourage them to learn the Afrikaans language.


Throughout the performance we make use of popular Afrikaans songs to show the learners that Afrikaans is a hip and happening language. The cast, consisting of professional actors, will ensure you of an entertaining, as well as an educational performance.

isiZulu show

We are very excited about our brand new isiZULU show for additional language learners. The isiZULU show is based on the same format as our existing Afrikaans show. Teaching learners a second language can be challenging. Having your learners attend an exciting, vibrant and entertaining isiZulu performance is the best way to show your learners that speaking isiZulu can be fun.